Fragtastic Reef has Protein Skimmers, Reactors, Fish Food, Aquarium Lighting, and everything you need for your saltwater and reef aquarium. 

We specialize in aquarium supplies and everything related to the saltwater aquarium hobby.

Fragtastic Reef is a Full Retail & Local Fish Store in Mankato, MN. 

So we are not just an online aquarium supply store, we actually have a storefront!  We do live corals, live fish, equipment, and everything you would need for your aquarium 7 days a week.  Since having a Full Retail Store allows us to provide customer service 7 days a week our customer service is the best and unmatched by anyone!

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SeaSide Aquatics CS1 Cone Skimmer
SeaSide Aquatics SSA CS1/CS7 Cone Skimmer (open box)

SeaSide Aquatics SSA CS1 Cone Skimmer is capable of handling up to 150 gallons and is powered by a Sicce PSK600 Pump.  Sea Side Aquatics Skimmers are reliable and efficent!



Here at Fragtastic Reef we believe in selling quality saltwater aquarium supplies. 

Most of the protein skimmers, fish food, and other equipment we sell, we have personally used at our fish pet store.  We strive to provide the best in aquarium supplements along with fish and coral medications you may need.  There are a lot of different brands and products available for aquarium supplies, but you can buy with confidence knowing our products will make you successful! 

We also recommend you sign up and create an account on our website, Facebook, and our email updates.  This will give you ways to save more when shopping for fish or reef tank supplies.

Our Promise to You!

  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Aquarium Supplies and Products
  • Best Knowledge and Hands On Experience

We provide customer service 7 days of the week and strive to be here when you need someone most.  When you contact Fragtastic Reef you are talking with the Owner not an operator!


Need directions, have questions, or store hours contact us or visit here.