Ecotech Marine XR30w GEN 3
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Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w PRO (GEN 3) LED Light - Generation 3

The Radion LED by Ecotech Marine is now the best LED aquarium lighting in the aquarium hobby.  With a new exterior, LED clusters, and colorations the Generation 3 or GEN3 is now as advanced as you can get!  Combine the new Radion LED with the ReefLink or other clusters of available LED's and you have a fully controllable LED module and fixture from just about anywhere.

New Exterior Design of the 3rd Generation of Radion LED's:

Specifications of the Radion GEN 3:

Ecotech Marine has now introduced the addition of UV and Indigo LED's into their clusters.  With maximum efficency with the CREE and OSHRAM LED now available which adds 6 more LED at only 10watts.

Ecotech has refined their line of Radion LED units over the years to become one of the best LED units on the market today. With unmatched control through the ReefLink module, and EcoSmart live programming a LED unit can’t get much easier than the Radions.

Welcome the 3rd Generation of the Radion XR30w PRO LED light fixture. Updated LED technology with improved design and on-fixture user interface.

  • 42 energy-efficient LEDs
  • Equipped with 80-degree TIR Lens
  • Max Wattage: 170W
  • Max PAR (est.): 1100 (12" below center of fixture)
  • 6 Color Channels
  • One-piece lens frame that tapers to lenses and improves base form factor
  • New backlit buttons make operation easier and reduce the risk of RF interference from other equipment
  • Use ReefLink and EcoSmart Live to control wirelessly
  • IP-rated waterproof fan


  • Dimensions: 11.8" x 7" x 1.5"
  • WHITE: 8 Cree XP-G2 Cool White LEDs run at 40W
  • BLUE: 8 Cree XP-E Blue LEDs run at 24W
  • DEEP BLUE: 8 Osram Oslon Square Deep Blue LEDs run at 40W
  • GREEN: 4 Cree XP-E Green LEDs run at 14W
  • RED: 4 Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red LEDs run at 12W
  • YELLOW: 2 Osram Oslon SSL run at 6W
  • INDIGO: 4 Indigo (10W)
  • UV: 4 SemiLEDs run at 10W


  • Condition: New

Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w (GEN 3) LED Light - XR30wG3Pro

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