Ecotech Marine XR30w GEN 3
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Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w PRO (GEN 3) LED Light - Generation 3

The New 2014 Radion LED by Ecotech Marine is now available.  With a new exterior, LED clusters, and colorations the Generation 3 or GEN3 is now as advanced as you can get!  Combine the new Radion with the ReefLink or other clusters of available LED's and you have a fully controllable LED module and fixture from just about anywhere.

New Exterior Design of the 3rd Generation of Radion LED's:

Ecotech Marine Radion GEN 3Specifications of the Radion GEN 3:

Ecotech Marine has now introduced the addition of UV and Indigo LED's into their clusters.  With maximum efficency with the CREE and OSHRAM LED's now available which adds 6 more LED's at only 10watts.

A look at the new clusters with CREE & OSHRAM LED's:

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Ecotech Marine Radion XR30w (GEN 3) LED Light - XR30wG3Pro

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