SpeedWave DC Water Pump
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SpeedWave DC 5000 Water Pump  - 1320 GPH

SpeedWave DC controlable pumps are the best performaning return pump for flow that is available.  Speedwave DC water pumps allow you full control over flow and GPH.


-High performance motor with innovative electronics, and every saving up to 50% than before.
-Six Speeds/RPM variable
-Super Quiet Operation
-Used in salt water and fresh water
-No copper components
-10 minute feed mode (provides 10 min. pause and auto resume)
-1 Year Limited Warranty

1. Connect power cord and adapter, pump body
2. Turn on power by pressing "+" on controller; one light indicates speed/RPM. To increase speed/RPM, press "+" button until reaching desired spped/rpml press "-" button to decrease speed/rpm.

3. Press "feed" button for 10 minute pause; "10 min." light comes on, and pump will resume in 10 minutes, or press "feed" button again to stop feed mode.

Model Watts Max Height Max Flow
SWDC790 25 9.75' 790g
SWDC1320 40 11.5' 1320g
SWDC2640 85 16.5' 2640g


SpeedWave DC 5000 Water Pump - 1320 GPH

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