Vertex skimmers are some of the best quality skimmers available.  Vertex offers different lines of skimmers and the most popular are the Alpha Cone skimmers and Omega series.  They are all made of high quality acrylic and materials to give outstanding performance!

Vertex Omega Skimmers - The Vertex Omega skimmers are an entry level skimmer, however they still use very high quality materials.  The Omega skimmers are made of a combination of high quality acrylic and PVC materials, and keep the cost down by using a Sicce skimmer pump.

Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmers - Vertex Alpha Skimmers are also made with the same high quality acrylic and PVC combination as the Omega line.  The large advantage of the Vertex Alpha Cone is the Askol pump, which draws a huge amount of air.   Combining the Cone body of the Vertex Alpha with the Askoll pump you have an unbeatable skimmer, and best quality skimmer available!

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Vertex Omega 130 Skimmer Vertex Omega 150 Skimmer
Vertex Omega 130 SkimmerVertex Omega 150 Skimmer

Vertex Omega 130 skimmer is rated for up to 40-200 gallon aquarium.  We would recommend using it on a 40-100 gallon system.

Vertex Omega skimmers are the new line of skimmers available.  The Omega 150 Skimmer is rated for aquariums up to 150 gallons.



Vertex Alpha 170 Protein Skimmer Vertex Alpha 200 Protein Skimmer
Vertex Alpha 170 Cone SkimmerVertex Alpha 200 Cone Skimmer

Vertex Alpha 170 skimmer is rated for up to 200 gallons and is a very high quality skimmer and pump with quiet operation.

Vertex Alpha 200 skimmer is rated up to 300 gallons and uses a super quiet pump and very high quality acrylic.



Vertex Alpha 250 Protein Skimmer Vertex Alpha 300 Cone Protein Skimmer
Vertex Alpha 250 Cone SkimmerVertex Alpha 300 Cone Skimmer

Vertex Alpha 250 protein skimmer is rated for aquariums up to 350 gallons.

Vertex Alpha 300 cone skimmer is rated up to an aquarium of 600 gallons.  The Vertex Alpha 300 is the largest skimmer made by Vertex in the US market.



Vertex Omega & Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmers are ALL HIGH QUALITY equipment and always recommended by Fragtastic Reef!